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Developing robust and scalable iOS & Android apps on native & hybrid platforms.

Mobile application development has become very critical to address evolving competitive markets. So obviously its a challenging segment and poses questions like

  • Should one focus on only one platform (iOS, Android etc) or a cross platform approach?
  • Should one go with a native app, or cross platform with hybrid app or a responsive HTML website?
  • Where would the user data be stored, whether on cloud or on device?
  • How would the new app interact and compliment with client’s existing IT infrastructure?

All question address well signal a successful mobile application. Its amazing that how fast the mobile landscape is evolving with increasing number of smartphones hitting the markets. We believe it’s a must for businesses now to quickly transition to a mobile mind-set and deliver high quality, unified mobile experiences that enhance the way they engage with their customers.

We constantly strive to deliver high quality mobile experiences through different mobility platforms

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Nick Lopez
Project Manager, EFM - A US based Digital Agency

The Logiciel Solutions team are true experts and i would have no problem using them for any future development jobs.

Mobile Apps Development Portfolio


On the move patient management advice for the clinical oncologists. AE is a cross-device application for managing pazopanib-associated adverse events. The app will utilize adverse event management algorithms to guide the user through a workflow. Based on the user’s response to questions, the app will provide tailored information based on established recommendations to support the clinical management of adverse events associated with pazopanib.


Drool is a convenience app that has been targeted at a particular set of users to allow them to look for restaurants / clubs / bars when at a particular location.

Green Therapy
Green Therapy

An app for providing sound therapies (a recommended medical aid) to patients who hearing problems. Music therapy through iPhone was an innovative initiative in allied health professsion and one of the expressive therapies consisting of a process in which a music therapist uses music and its forms—physical, emotional, mental, social, aesthetic, and spiritual—to help clients improve their health.