CMS Development

It is always recommended to build a CMS powered website than a static HTML website as its much more efficient for your online presence and provides you a greater control

Good content for a website should always be supported by a well-designed and structured CMS (content management system) to which Google rewards in its search results and is appreciated by many social media networks. While choosing a CMS, one should keep in mind

  • CMS should allow easy customization especially to the front-end so website can have preferred look and feel
  • CMS should have an intuitive back-end which is easy to understand and use for a layman too
  • CMS should have a rich source of library with additional custom modules (in form of plugins or extensions)
  • CMS allows developers to create a plugin / extension and publish to the library

There are multiple CMSs available in the market with some being open source and other being paid. Depending on the need of the customers, we have developed expertise in the following CMSs using which we have delivered multiple polished websites.






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Kronos Technologies
A US based Digital Agency

These guys are AWESOME!!!!!!!! I honestly could not be happier!!! They are SO patient, pay close attention to detail within the design and functionality of the entire site. They are creative and offer insights on what they think will and will not work and/or look good. I look forward to having these guys be a part of our team for many years to come! 🙂

CMS Development Portfolio

Booking Diva
Booking Diva

Booking Diva is an Online and Phone Based Concierge service, that brings you Fabulous Offers from High End Restaurants, Bars, and Diva Mixers!

Happy Dinings
Happy Dinings

Happy Dinings is a SaaS based website builder for restaurant owners to easily built modern, rich & responsive website with all the latest features and Third party API integrations.